CSCLeaders is a global leadership programme for exceptional senior leaders selected each year from government, business and NGOs across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

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Who is it for 

Individuals who

  • operate at a senior, strategic level in their organisation and / or society
  • hold significant power or influence in their current role
  • are close to the pinnacle of their career, with ambitions to achieve even more
  • are excited about the opportunity that CSCLeaders provides.


Participants on the programme benefit from

  • Cultural Intelligence: the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures - enhancing how they work with diverse teams, clients and stakeholders in their organizations and countries. 
  • broader horizons - helping them to draw on multiple perspectives when making decisions and solving complex problems in their organizations. 
  • long-lasting relationships across the globe - enabling them to establish their own global network, creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration across the Commonwealth. 
  • a stronger impact beyond their circle of authority - giving them the skills and inspiration to make positive change happen in their organizations and cities. 


What to expect

  • Experiential learning; participants explore a real-life complex challenge
  • High level briefings visionary speakers and thinkers who have a stake in the challenge
  • Small group study tours to investigate, question, research and develop ideas
  • A global peer group; participants come from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds across the Commonwealth.

    As well as developing the behaviours and associated competencies crucial for participants to operate as global leaders, this programme has proven itself to deliver a unique and memorable experience for participants and stakeholders alike.


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Our Approach

CSCLeaders is engaging, not passive. It creates an environment where decision-makers and strategic thinkers from across the Commonwealth work collaboratively; they share their experiences and, through discussion, debate, visits and small group sessions, take an international, multi-cultural approach to addressing a global challenge.

CSCLeaders blends online learning with face-to-face experiences in two Commonwealth cities. Online modules allow participants to maximise their face-to-face experience. They combine new methods of content delivery with interactive learning. We use visual media, articles and leadership exercises to facilitate structured reflection and group engagement.

What is Cultural intelligence?

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures.

Organisations often appoint leaders for their IQ. Then, years later, sack them for their lack of EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Common Purpose argues that in the future they will promote for CQ - Cultural Intelligence. Participants on Common Purpose programmes, as they learn to lead beyond their authority, need to be able to cross boundaries: between east and west, and north and south; between faiths and beliefs; between public, private and voluntary sectors; and between generations.

Learn more about Cultural intelligence on the Common Purpose global website.

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About CSCLeaders

CSCLeaders is the renewal of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences - first run in 1956 – for the 21st Century, a partnership between international leadership development organisation Common Purpose and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences (UK Fund).

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